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1. Each family should be served in a professional and caring manner by the funeral professional who will also be respectful of the family’s wishes and confidences, as well as being honest and fair in all dealings with the family and being considerate of lesser means?

2. The funeral professional shall provide services to families without regard to:

3. A licensed funeral professional may refuse, withhold from, deny or discriminate against an individual with regard to the provision of professional services if the individual is HIV positive.

4. The funeral professional shall confirm that the arrangement or pre-arrangement is in strict conformance with the law, statute or regulations governing the right of interment.

5. A funeral professional can be the owner or beneficiary of an insurance policy purchased to fund a pre-need funeral contract.

6. The funeral professional has the right to refuse to surrender custody of a dead human body on the demand of a person who is entitled to custody.

7. A funeral professional shall not use any funeral merchandise previously used and sold without prior permission of the person selecting or paying for the use of the merchandise.

8. The following are part of the Code of Professional Responsibility for service to families:
 A. A funeral professional shall comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Industry Practices Regulation. B. A General Price List must be given out to anyone who begins a discussion of funeral goods, services, arrangement or prices at the start of the discussion. C. A Casket Price List must be given out as soon as there is any discussion of caskets and before the consumer is shown a casket. D. All of the above. E. None of the above

9. A funeral professional shall:
 A. Protect confidential information pertaining to the deceased or the family of the deceased from disclosure. B. Carry out all aspects of the funeral service in a competent and respectful manner. C. Properly account for and remit any monies, documents, or personal property that belongs to others that comes into the funeral professional’s possession. D. Not engage in any unprofessional conduct of a character likely to deceive, defraud or harm the families they serve in the course of providing professional service. E. All of the above. F. A, B and D only.

10. A funeral professional shall only allow embalmers, apprentices and interns, who are licensees to the extent required by state law, to embalm human remains.
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11. A funeral professional shall not:
 A. Transport, hold or carry out the disposition of human remains without all permits and authorizations required by law. B. Violate any statute, ordinance, or regulation affecting the handling, custody, care or transportation of human remains. C. Knowingly dispose of parts of human remains that are received with the body by the funeral home in a manner different from that used for the final disposition of the body, unless the person authorizing the method of final disposition gives permission that the body part may be disposed of in a manner different from the disposition of the body and the method of disposition of the body part does not violate any statute, ordinance or regulation affecting the handling, custody, care or transportation of human remains. D. All of the above. E. Only A and B.

12. A funeral professional may sell or offer to sell any share, certificate or interest in a mortuary science business with a promise to offer to perform services to the buyer at a cost less than offered to the general public.

13. A funeral professional is in violation in his/her obligation to the public when he/she:
 A. Solicits personally or through an agent or employee deceased human remains, whether the solicitation occurs after death or while death is imminent. B. Solicits mortuary science business, either personally or by an agent, from a dying individual or the relatives of a dead or dying individual or then through general advertising. C. Pays a capper, steerer, solicitor or any other person to obtain mortuary science business, directly or indirectly pay or offer to pay to obtain mortuary science business. D. Solicits or accepts any payment or rebate for recommending any crematory, mausoleum or cemetery or causing a dead human body to be disposed there. E. Advertises to the public at large. F. A, B, C and D.

14. A funeral professional is allowed to pay a commission or something of value to third parties, such as medical personnel, nursing home and hospice organizations or employees, clergy, government officials or others, to secure deceased human remains for funeral or disposition services.

15. It is a violation to fail, after proper demand and in accordance with applicable law, to refund promptly, any payment received under a preneed contract with interest.

16. A funeral professional engaging in the profession of funeral directing or embalming shall hold all necessary licenses to engage in such businesses.
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17. A funeral professional shall not knowingly make a false statement on a death certificate.
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18. A funeral professional shall comply with all federal, state or local laws, rules and regulations governing or impacting the practice of funeral service or any provision of the laws or regulations regarding cremation.
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19. A funeral professional must comply with:
 A. All federal, state, or local laws, rules or regulations that were enacted to protect consumers, the public and funeral home employees. B. The Centers for Disease Control’s Guidelines on Universal Precautions except in an emergency life threatening situation where it is not feasible or practicable. C. All federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations that were enacted to protect the environment and employee safety and health. D. All of the above. E. Only A and C.

20. A funeral professional must know, understand and comply with all applicable OSHA and EPA rules, regulations, laws and standards in the practice of mortuary science.
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