The Maryland State Funeral Directors Association consists of elected officers and directors who serve one year and three year terms, respectively. Director terms are staggered, and elections are held at the Association’s annual convention in June.

The MSFDA Board of Directors meets in February, March, May, June (annual meeting), August, September, November and December.

Many of the Association’s Past Presidents stay involved as advisors, providing consultative strategic planning and advice.

The Association is also comprised of committees to help the Association achieve its goals through their leadership, skills, time and resources.

The Association is governed by its Constitution & By-Laws which was last updated in December 2015. MSFDA members can access the Constitution & By-Laws on the Members Only page.

MSFDA members follow Codes of Professional Conduct and adhere to ethical principles and practices regarding service to families and care of the decedent as well as obligations to the public, government, and the National Funeral Directors Association, of which MSFDA is a member.