OSHA announced that some businesses are receiving fraudulent e-mails from an entity that claims to be the Department of Labor.  The e-mail advises recipients to download a “Guide” to avoid being fined.  The e-mail, according to OSHA, will have the Subject: “OSHA Regulations-Avoid being fined.”

OSHA has cautioned that while the sender of this e-mail appears to be OSHA this is not an OSHA generated e-mail.

If you receive a message fitting this description, delete the message immediately and do not click on the link.  This e-mail is a scam.

If you have any questions regarding this OSHA Notice, you can contact Edward M. Ranier, Esquire at (410) 967-1812 or ranierlaw@gmail.com.

OSHA Reports E-mail Scam

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