For 100 years, the Maryland State Funeral Directors Association has paved the way to provide Maryland funeral directors with opportunities to have a collective legislative voice, fulfill continuing education requirements, foster mentoring and build relationships, advocate for the betterment of funeral service, and train and prepare for unforeseen events. As a member of MSFDA, you become an integral part of an association comprised of people like you, licensed funeral directors dedicated to serving Maryland communities and Maryland families.
Make the future work for you through membership in the Maryland State Funeral Directors Association. Today’s membership benefits help you shape your professional future.

Who Should Join

Membership in the MSFDA helps ensure that your needs are addressed your profession, for your business, for the families you serve. All licensed funeral directors need an organization that is looking out for their best interests and the families they serve—from critical legislation that governs the funeral service profession to key regulatory initiatives. MSFDA is your powerful conduit to support those needs through legislative and regulatory representation, education, advocacy, and relationship building, as well as preparedness training should an unforeseen catastrophic event occur. Here’s what you can expect as a member:
  • You become part of critical legislation, regulatory business, and technology trends that impact how you organize and manage information in compliance with the law.
  • Your involvement keeps you in touch through personal contact, group meetings, mailings and email/fax notifications, website resources, and The Maryland Courier, a quarterly newsletter. These communications advise members of the latest local, state and national developments concerning the funeral service profession.
  • MSFDA connects you with fellow professionals around Maryland and the surrounding states giving you access to a huge network of support whenever you need help or guidance.
  • MSFDA provides free and/or low cost continuing education programs to maintain licenses, including disaster response training certification so that funeral directors can respond effectively should a mass fatality incident occur. Members can earn continuing education credits each year at no cost by attending Board and Quarterly meetings. Online courses are also offered at reduced rates for members.
  • MSFDA offers forums for networking and interaction from its annual convention and quarterly meetings to yearly social events.
  • MSFDA directs an organized Political Action Committee which sponsors legislative campaigns and supports causes most beneficial to funeral directors and consumers.
  • MSFDA promotes your business through its website funeral home finder, referrals, advertising opportunities, etc.
  • MSFDA listens to its members and seeks to understand and react to issues that they face.

The Membership Process

It’s very easy to get your membership application processed. Download the 2022 New Member Application, complete and return it by mail or email. Current members should use the membership renewal form. Maryland State Funeral Directors Association 14030 Connecticut Ave PO Box 9715 Silver Spring MD, 20916 Email: Phone: 410-553-7706 Please note: You will need two current members to support your request for membership by signing your application. Once completed and submitted to the Maryland State Funeral Directors Association with your dues payment, we will verify your license with the Maryland State Board of Morticians & Funeral Directors. If appropriate, your dues may be pro-rated depending when your application is received. Your application will then be presented for approval at the next MSFDA Board of Directors meeting. Once approved, we will mail your membership card and information to you. For questions about MSFDA membership, email us or give us a call at 410-553-7706.